Myth: ‘ Coconut oil is bad because it is a saturated fat’

Truth: Coconut oil has gotten a bad rap since the 1950’s when rats fed hydrogenated coconut oil in turn experienced a rise in cholesterol levels. The problem: it was actually the hydrogenation process that caused trans fats to create the increase in cholesterol!

Let’s shed some light on this miraculous substance, one that I personally swear by! Inside the body, coconut oil does wonders by assisting in weight loss, balancing appetite and cholesterol levels! Yes, although it is a saturated fat it actually increases the GOOD cholesterol (HDL) which helps LOWER the bad! And you know that pooch that seemed impossible to get rid of? This is the kind of white fat it helps your body burn by speeding up its metabolism.

Have wintery dry skin or need some moisture in the scorching summer sun? No problem, mix coconut oil with your favorite essential oil and spray on after the shower or at the beach for an excellent moisturizer and skin protection! It even gives you that sexy beachy hair you crave, spray a little on your ends before going in the water or as an overnight treatment.

Wonder oil? I think so. Aside from helping us slim down and achieve smooth, sexy skin and soft tousled hair, coconut oil also contains powerful medicinal properties. It is a medium chain fatty acid consisting of approximately 50% lauric acid and 7% caprylic acid. Lauric acid turns into monolaurin in the body, which has antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties (H. pylori bacteria, which is correlated to ulcer and eventually cancer development, is known for developing resistance to antibiotics but is unable to develop resistance to monolaurin). The 7% Caprylic acid converts to monocaprin, which disrupts virus maturation and assembly, as well as being active against candida and other forms of yeast. We are even discovering how the fatty acids may help people with seizure disorders and Alzheimer’s to regain function!

Because it is stable even at high heat and essentially tasteless, you can start utilizing coconut oil to cook with and reap the benefits. Make sure to buy just the amount you need so that it is used within one month of opening, but that shouldn’t be difficult at all. Select an oil that is white semisolid in cool weather and creamy to clear liquid in warmer weather, and always avoid any oil that is hydrogenated. For more information, check out these supporting resources.



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    1. Hannah Bryant

      although it is a saturated fat it actually increases the GOOD cholesterol (HDL) which helps LOWER the bad cholesterol. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider to see if coconut oil is the right choice for you!